Waveren Hoヒrskool in Witzenville 2025 Fees | Application Forms

Waveren Hoヒrskool in Witzenville: Application Information, School Fees, and Curriculum.

Dear Parents and Learners

This page offers valuable information  regarding Waveren Hoヒrskool in Witzenville. This is a public combined school within the Cape Winelands. Waveren Hoヒrskool falls withing education circuit 2, ward number 10202007 in the Western Cape Province.


Facts about Waveren Hoヒrskool:

Below are some useful facts about Waveren Hoヒrskool:

  • Number of Teachers at Waveren Hoヒrskool: 31
  • Number of Learners at Waveren Hoヒrskool: 915
  • Emis Number: 129330566
  • Surburb: Witzenville
  • Town/City: Tulbagh
  • Township or Village: Tulbagh SP
  • Ward Number: 10202007
  • Examination Number: 330566
  • Persal Paypoint: 330566
  • Quintile Level: Q5

How much is a School Fee at Waveren Hoヒrskool?

The exact school fees amount at Waveren Hoヒrskool, can be obtained by calling the school number, which is 0232301002. If al fails, visit the Waveren Hoヒrskool address at: Ryk Tulbaghstraat Tulbagh 6820

School fees at the Western Cape Province:

  • School fees at fee-paying public schools can range from R1,000 to over R40,000 annually, depending on the facilities and programs offered.
  • Private schools, on the other hand, generally have higher fees due to their additional resources, extracurricular activities, and infrastructure, with annual fees ranging from R30,000 to over R120,000.

The Western Cape Education Department supports various no-fee schools, where the government subsidizes the costs, ensuring free education to promote accessibility and equity among all socio-economic backgrounds.

How to Apply for admission at Waveren Hoヒrskool in Witzenville?

In order to apply at Waveren Hoヒrskool, please call 0232301002, or visit the school at Ryk Tulbaghstraat Tulbagh 6820.

Regarding School Applications at the Western Cape:

In the Western Cape, the school application process for private and public schools is governed by different regulations and timelines. Private schools in the Western Cape typically require applications to be submitted up to a year in advance of the intended start date. These schools may also demand an entrance exam or interview as part her selection process, and an application often comes with a non-refundable fee.

In contrast, public schools adhere to the enrollment guidelines set by the Western Cape Education Department. The application window for public schools usually opens in February and closes by the end of March for the following academic year. Public school admissions prioritize applicants based on proximity to the school and the availability of space, rather than academic prowess. Importantly, there are no fees associated with applying to public schools, aligning with the government’s policy to ensure greater accessibility and equity in education.

Documents Required to apply at Waveren Hoヒrskool in Witzenville

When applying to Waveren Hoヒrskool in Witzenville school in the Western Cape, there are five key documents typically required, which are:

  1. Birth Certificate: A certified copy of the child’s birth certificate is essential to verify the student’s age and identity.
  2. Proof of Residence: This document (such as a utility bill or lease agreement) confirms the family’s residential address and is critical for public schools where catchment areas determine priority.
  3. Immunization Record: Schools require a copy of the child’s Clinic Card or Road-to-Health Chart to ensure that all immunizations are up to date, in accordance with South African school health policies.
  4. Most Recent School Report: For students transferring from another school, the latest school report card is needed to assess academic performance and placement suitability.
  5. Parent/Guardian Identification: A copy of the parent or guardian’s ID is necessary to authenticate the relationship and legal guardianship.

These documents are fundamental for the school application process and must be prepared and submitted to ensure a smooth enrollment.

Contact Information for Waveren Hoヒrskool in Witzenville

  • Telephone Number: 0232301002
  • Physical Address: Ryk Tulbaghstraat Tulbagh 6820
  • Postal Address: Posbus 32 Tulbagh Unknown 6820
  • Website:



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