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Hillview High School is a Public Secondary in Pretoria Roseville Pretoria in Gauteng, South Africa.

About Hillview High School Pretoria

Nestled by the tranquil banks of the Apies River in Roseville, Hillview High School has been a beacon of learning and inspiration since its inception in 1955. Opening its doors within the storied walls of the old Clapham High buildings, Hillview’s journey from a budding institution to a hallmark of education is as rich and vibrant as the community it serves. The school’s name, an inspired suggestion by Miss L.L. Roe, encapsulates the essence of its ethos – a place where students are encouraged to “lift up their eyes” and aspire towards their dreams.

A Foundation of Tradition and Pride

From its earliest days, Hillview High School has been steeped in tradition. The adoption of its motto, LEVABO OCULOS (“I will lift up my eyes”), thanks to Mr. E. van Niekerk’s proposal, has not only guided its vision but also instilled a sense of purpose and direction in its students. This ethos, paired with the school’s distinctive colours, anthem, and uniform, all decided upon in that foundational meeting of over two hundred parents, has cultivated a strong sense of identity and community spirit among its students and faculty.

Leadership That Inspires

The leadership baton at Hillview has been passed through the hands of remarkable individuals, each leaving their indelible mark on the fabric of the school. From Mr. M.H. Blem’s initial stewardship to Dr. M. Phalane’s current headship, the school has seen growth, innovation, and the deepening of its educational impact. Notably, Dr. Phalane’s personal connection to the school, with her father once serving as a groundskeeper, weaves a narrative of dedication and personal investment in the well-being and success of Hillview and its students.

hillview high school
hillview high school


State-of-the-Art Amenities for Modern Learning

Hillview High prides itself on offering facilities that are not just conducive to learning but are a testament to the school’s commitment to providing a well-rounded and forward-thinking education. The campus boasts modern Science and Biology Laboratories, Hospitality Studies, Technology, and Arts and Culture Centers, ensuring that students have access to the best resources to explore and excel in their interests. The addition of two advanced Computer Centers aligns with the school’s mission to equip students for the digital age.

The physical development of students is also catered to, with a comprehensive array of sports facilities. From all-weather tennis and basketball courts to netball fields, cricket nets, and even a grand eight-lane athletics track with a grandstand, Hillview ensures that its students’ athletic talents are nurtured alongside their academic growth.

More Than Just a School

Hillview High School is more than just an educational institution; it’s a community where students are inspired to aim high, dream big, and achieve their fullest potential. With a legacy built on visionary leadership, a commitment to excellence, and state-of-the-art amenities, Hillview High continues to lift up the eyes of its students to a future filled with promise and endless possibilities.


  • Number of Learners: 1044
  • Number of Teachers: 92
  • Education District: Tshwane West
  • Sector: Public School


Let’s break down the fee structure at Hillview High School, making it super easy to understand. Whether you’re gearing up to join the Hillview family or are a returning student, knowing about the fees is crucial. And hey, if you’re looking for the absolute latest details, make sure to hit up their website. But for now, here’s the lowdown on what to expect:

New Learner Fees: Getting Started

First things first, if you’re stepping into Hillview High for the first time, there’s a one-time registration fee you’ll need to take care of. Here’s how it works:

  • Grade 8: You’re looking at a registration fee of R2000.00.
  • Grades 9 to 12: The registration fee is a bit lower, at R1250.00.

Annual Fees: Keeping the Learning Going

Once you’re all registered, the annual fees come into play. Hillview High has made it pretty flexible, giving you a few options on how to tackle this:

  • The yearly fee stands at R12500.
  • If monthly payments are more your style, you can opt for R1250 over 10 months.
  • Fancy a discount? If you pay the entire year’s fee by the end of March, it’ll cost you R11250. That’s a sweet 10% off.

Payment Details: Making It Official

When it comes to paying these fees, Hillview High keeps it straightforward. You can either email your proof of payment to hillview@hillviewhigh.co.za or, if you prefer, just send it along with your learner to school. They’re pretty flexible on how they receive it, as long as they do.

So there you have it! Whether you’re a newbie or a returning student, understanding the fee structure is key to a smooth school year. Remember, for the most up-to-date info, the school’s website is your best bet. Happy learning!


Please contact the school regarding the latest updates on school uniform.

Hillview High School Subjects

The South African secondary school curriculum, known as the Further Education and Training phase, includes compulsory subjects as well as a choice of optional subjects. The National Senior Certificate is awarded at the end of Grade 12. Here’s an outline of subjects typically offered in South African secondary schools:

Compulsory Subjects:

Home Language: This is typically the student’s first language. It can be any of the 11 official languages of South Africa.
First Additional Language: This is a second language, and it can also be any of the 11 official languages.
Life Orientation: This subject teaches social, personal, intellectual, emotional, and physical life skills.
Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy: Mathematics covers more complex mathematical concepts, while Mathematical Literacy provides basic mathematical skills for everyday life.
Optional Subjects (students usually select three of these):


Religion Studies
Visual Arts
Dramatic Arts
Languages (Third Additional)
Business, Commerce, and Management Studies:
8. Business Studies

Physical, Mathematical, Computer, and Life Sciences:
11. Physical Sciences (Physics and Chemistry)

Life Sciences (Biology)
Computer Applications Technology
Information Technology
Technical Subjects:
15. Engineering Graphics and Design

Civil Technology
Electrical Technology
Mechanical Technology
Services Subjects:
19. Consumer Studies

Hospitality Studies
Agricultural Sciences:
22. Agricultural Sciences

Agricultural Technology
Agricultural Management Practices
Please note that the availability of optional subjects may vary from school to school. It’s important for students to select their subjects based on their interests, strengths, and future career plans.

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