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Rand Meisieskool-Girls’ School is a Public Secondary in Parktown Parktown Johannesburg in Gauteng, South Africa.

About Rand Girls’ High School Parktown

Welcome to the esteemed Rand Meisieskool-Girls’ School, an integral pillar of the educational landscape in the vibrant community of Parktown. Rand Meisieskool-Girls’ School is a bustling hub of intellectual growth and development for 731 number of learners. These bright minds are guided, mentored, and nurtured by our dedicated faculty of 22 teachers. Rand Meisieskool-Girls’ School is proud to operate under the aegis of the Johannesburg South Education District, which serves as a beacon of educational excellence in the Gauteng region. Rand Meisieskool-Girls’ School is committed to fostering an environment conducive to learning, growth, and advancement for all our students.


  • Number of Learners: 731
  • Number of Teachers: 22
  • Education District: Johannesburg South
  • Sector: Public School

Rand Girls’ High School Fees

Rand Girls’ High School Fees:

  • For the academic year 2024, the school fees have been set as follows:
  • Grade 8 and New Learners: R55,000.00 per learner
    Grade 9 to Grade 12 Existing Learners: R53,500 per learner

These fees underscore the school’s commitment to providing top-tier education while considering the financial implications for families.

More Info regarding School Fees for Rand Girls’ High School


Please contact the school regarding the latest updates on school uniform.

Rand Meisieskool-Girls’ School Subjects

The South African secondary school curriculum, known as the Further Education and Training phase, includes compulsory subjects as well as a choice of optional subjects. The National Senior Certificate is awarded at the end of Grade 12. Here’s an outline of subjects typically offered in South African secondary schools:

Compulsory Subjects:

Home Language: This is typically the student’s first language. It can be any of the 11 official languages of South Africa.
First Additional Language: This is a second language, and it can also be any of the 11 official languages.
Life Orientation: This subject teaches social, personal, intellectual, emotional, and physical life skills.
Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy: Mathematics covers more complex mathematical concepts, while Mathematical Literacy provides basic mathematical skills for everyday life.
Optional Subjects (students usually select three of these):


Religion Studies
Visual Arts
Dramatic Arts
Languages (Third Additional)
Business, Commerce, and Management Studies:
8. Business Studies

Physical, Mathematical, Computer, and Life Sciences:
11. Physical Sciences (Physics and Chemistry)

Life Sciences (Biology)
Computer Applications Technology
Information Technology
Technical Subjects:
15. Engineering Graphics and Design

Civil Technology
Electrical Technology
Mechanical Technology
Services Subjects:
19. Consumer Studies

Hospitality Studies
Agricultural Sciences:
22. Agricultural Sciences

Agricultural Technology
Agricultural Management Practices
Please note that the availability of optional subjects may vary from school to school. It’s important for students to select their subjects based on their interests, strengths, and future career plans.

Contact Details

  • Tell: 0116434347
  • Physical Address: 0116434347
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