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Christian Progressive School is a Private Combined in Pretoria Pretoria in Gauteng, South Africa.

About Christian Progressive School Pretoria

Ethos, enthusiasm, and expertise define the pillars of success at Christian Progressive College, a tradition proudly upheld for the past 21 years. High standards are not just a belief but a reality, mirrored in the exceptional Matric results. In an era where societal norms may waver, expectations for pupils to embody politeness, diligence, and active participation in social and community development stand firm.

Christian Progressive College fosters the development of students into responsible, effective, and ethical members of society, emphasizing the importance of honesty, fairness, tolerance, and generosity. Beyond the rigors of academia, a balanced education is prioritized, offering a wealth of activities including sports, drama, music, and debating to nurture well-rounded individuals.

These extracurricular activities serve as catalysts for reinvigorating both student and teacher enthusiasm, reminiscent of the energy cycle generated by a bicycle’s spinning wheels. The faculty’s profound expertise ensures personalized attention, recognizing the unique contributions of each student to the world. The focus is not solely on the curriculum but on empowering students to discover and learn autonomously.

The presence of a full-time Pastor addresses the spiritual well-being of the community, aligning with the Christian ethos of the institution. A zero-tolerance stance on bullying guarantees a secure and nurturing environment for every child.

Visitors are warmly invited to explore the facilities and ethos that set Christian Progressive College apart, promising a revelation of its comprehensive and welcoming educational environment.

Director’s Foreword

Founded in 1996 by partners MP Khelo and DK Nkosi, Christian Progressive College began as a remedial institution focused on improving student performance in Mathematics, Science, and English. The inception coincided with South Africa’s transition to democracy, a period of optimism and new challenges for the previously marginalized. The college emerged as a beacon of hope for parents seeking a quality education that public schools in townships could not offer, one that would adequately prepare their children for the new opportunities democracy brought.

Now, 20 years later, Christian Progressive College continues to thrive, expanding its influence and shaping the futures of countless young learners. The journey reflects a commitment to educational excellence and a forward-looking vision, eagerly anticipating the continued opportunity to impact the lives of students passing through its doors.


  • Number of Learners: 1663
  • Number of Teachers: 48
  • Education District: Tshwane West
  • Sector: Private School


To estimate the school fees for private schools in Gauteng, South Africa, we must consider several factors: the grade level of the student, the prestige of the school, the facilities and extra-curricular activities offered, among other things. The range for annual tuition fees could vary greatly, from approximately R20,000 to over R100,000 per annum. Please note, these are rough estimates, and the actual figures may be higher or lower depending on the specific school and year.

Here’s a rough breakdown:

Lower-tier Private Schools: These schools tend to be less prestigious but offer a good standard of education. Annual fees can range from R20,000 to R50,000.

Mid-tier Private Schools: These schools offer a more comprehensive educational program and often have better facilities. Annual fees can range from R50,000 to R80,000.

Upper-tier Private Schools: These are often the most prestigious schools with excellent facilities, smaller class sizes, and a wide range of extra-curricular activities. Annual fees can range from R80,000 to over R100,000.

These fees usually cover:

Tuition: This is the cost of the actual teaching. It includes the salaries of the teachers and other educational staff.

Facilities: This includes everything from classrooms and libraries to labs and sports fields. The cost of maintaining and improving these facilities is covered by the school fees.

Materials and Resources: This covers textbooks, online resources, and other educational materials that the students use.

Extra-curricular Activities: Many private schools offer a range of extra-curricular activities, from sports to music to clubs. The cost of running these activities is often included in the school fees.

Administration Costs: Running a school involves a lot of administrative work, and this cost is covered by the school fees.

Remember, these are very rough estimates and the actual fees can vary greatly. Some schools may have additional fees for things like uniforms, school trips, or boarding for students who live at the school. Always contact the school directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Additionally, bear in mind that financial assistance or scholarships may be available for students who excel academically or in other areas like sports or the arts, which could potentially reduce the fees. Always check with the school to see what options might be available.

What subjects are offered at Christian Progressive College?

At Christian Progressive College, a variety of subjects are offered across different educational phases, each aligned with the CAPS (Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements) policy. Here’s a breakdown by phase:

Foundation Phase:

  • Mathematics
  • English (Home Language)
  • Life Skills
  • Afrikaans (First Additional Language)

This phase focuses on developing fundamental skills in these core areas, alongside nurturing the students’ emotional and physical growth.

Intersen Phase:

  • Core academic subjects that build on the foundation phase
  • Computer Literacy (additional, non-examinable subject)
  • Various extra-mural activities such as Art Club, Karate, Brass Band, Coding, Dance Club, Ballroom Dancing, Chess Club, Choir, Knitting Club, and Drama Club

In this phase, the emphasis is on more abstract thought and independent work, preparing learners for high school.

High School Phase:

  • Divided into GET (General Education and Training) for Grades 8 and 9
  • FET (Further Education and Training) for Grades 10 to 12

High school subjects are designed to prepare students for the final examinations conducted by the GDE Examination Board (Umalusi), with a strong focus on holistic education and individual attention.

Throughout all phases, Christian Progressive College integrates Christian values and aims to develop disciplined and respectful individuals, ready to contribute positively to their communities and society at large.


What is the pass rate for Christian Progressive College?

The pass rate for Christian Progressive College is 99.17% for the year 2023. Historically, the college has maintained an impressive average pass rate of 96% over the last decade. Christian Progressive College is committed to continuing this trend of excellence and aims for even higher achievements in the future.
Christian Progressive College has consistently demonstrated academic excellence with a remarkable pass rate of 99.17% in 2023, underscoring its reputation for high educational standards. Over the past ten years, the college has achieved an impressive average pass rate of 96%, highlighting its steadfast commitment to providing quality education. This consistent performance is a testament to the effective teaching methods, rigorous curriculum, and the supportive learning environment that the college offers. The faculty and staff at Christian Progressive College are dedicated to sustaining and improving these results, ensuring that students not only meet but exceed their academic goals.

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