Curro Waterstone College Primary School Fees:

Curro Waterstone College Primary School Fees Guide: Investing in Your Child’s Future

Curro Waterstone College Primary School, nestled in the serene suburb of Kibler Park, Johannesburg, stands as a beacon of educational excellence within the Curro family of schools. Catering to learners from Grade R to Grade 7, the school prides itself on providing an exceptional educational journey that focuses on personalized attention, with class sizes capped at 25 to ensure each learner receives the care and guidance they deserve.


A Comprehensive Approach to Education

At Curro Waterstone College Primary School, education extends beyond the conventional. Embracing the national CAPS curriculum, teaching is enhanced through project-based learning and self-discovery. This innovative approach encourages learners to engage deeply with the material, fostering a love for learning through research, experiments, and assignments. English serves as the medium of instruction, with Afrikaans and isiZulu offered as additional language options, ensuring a well-rounded linguistic foundation.

School Fees

Understanding the financial commitment towards your child’s education is crucial. Curro Waterstone College Primary School is committed to transparency regarding school fees, which are designed to encompass the comprehensive educational experience provided.

  • Monthly Fees: Ranging from R6,165 to R8,560, the school fees are structured to reflect the quality of education, resources, and facilities available to learners. This investment covers not only the academic curriculum but also access to various extracurricular activities that contribute to the holistic development of each child.

Beyond Academics

True to the Curro ethos, Waterstone College Primary School balances academics with a vibrant sports and cultural program. Activities like chess and choir not only enrich the educational experience but also bolster confidence and team awareness. The school’s philosophy, rooted in Christian values, emphasizes faith, integrity, respect, and excellence, guiding learners not just academically but in moral and ethical aspects as well.

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Special Features

  • Aftercare Services: Available until 17:30, providing a supportive and secure environment for learners post-school hours.
  • School Transport: Options to ease the daily commute, enhancing accessibility for families.
  • Academic Support Centre: Featuring programs like Mathletics to complement the curriculum and support varied learning needs.

School of Performing Arts

Distinguishing itself further, Waterstone College hosts a School of Performing Arts, nurturing inherent skills in music, dance, and drama. This facility provides an outlet for creative expression and development, recognizing and fostering talent in the arts.

Joining the Curro Family

Learners from Curro Oakdene, Curro Academy Protea Glen, and Curro Academy Savanna City enjoy preferential admission, reflecting the cohesive network within the Curro group. This ensures a seamless transition and continuity in educational philosophy and quality.

Curro Waterstone College Primary School offers an educational haven where academic and personal growth are nurtured in equal measure. The school fees represent an investment in your child’s future, providing access to a world-class education, diverse extracurricular activities, and a supportive community grounded in Christian values. For the most accurate and detailed information on school fees and offerings, visit Curro Waterstone College Primary School’s official website.

Investing in education at Curro Waterstone College Primary School is not just a financial decision but a choice to give your child a foundation of excellence, resilience, and character.

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